Our Service

Fabeee has supported many clients in the field of system integration.
As the market changes rapidly,
we will leverage our know-how to provide higher value-added services
and solve problems in the HR x TECH field.

Challenge to advanced technology

Our business mission is to support the growth of companies and products that will be the unicorns of the times.
To that end, we are actively engaged in market research and advanced technology
to demonstrate leadership in advanced fields, such as artificial intelligence and IoT blockchain.

Research and Development of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

In recent years, the terms “Bigdata”, “AI”, and “IoT” have become more commonly used, and at the same time, there are many data that have been acquired but not used.

For the purpose of solving social issues, our professional team is engaged in various developments and researches such as the development and utilization of artificial intelligence using Python and the implementation in IoT products. In 2018, an industry-university joint project with Hiroshima University started, providing technical support to AI venture companies and listed companies and developing their own products.

We are conducting research in collaboration with various institutions in the biometric data area that is highly compatible with our vision using analysis with AI about correlation between biometric data acquired from wearable devices and human resources. Through this research, we are trying to contribute to the further development of the HR Tech field by finding new value in unused data and maximizing the potential of people.

Work on Blockchain technology

Although it is a blockchain technology recognized as a fundamental technology for virtual currency, it is also an effective means to prevent data tampering. For this reason, blockchain is expected to be used in a wide range of fields, including not only virtual currency, but also data management and personal payments.

Because blockchain can be used in many fields as described above, many companies are currently engaged in research and development.
While research and development progresses in this way, there is actually a shortage of human resources with security know-how in the IT industry.We believe that the development of human resources with the right knowledge is indispensable for the future use of blockchain.

We are not only implementing system implementation of blockchain, but also planning and developing products for practical business use.
Also, in order to make sure that the correct security know-how is known, we are actively engaged in efforts to support engineers' skills and career advancement, such as holding study sessions and events.

IT Talent Management

In the IT Talent Management Division, all specialists are stationed at customers to support development and design.We have countless achievements such as BtoB web system development, smartphone application development, BtoC service, artificial intelligence development project, IOT service development. In consideration of customer's problem solving and skill path of each engineer, we will establish a team system centered on proper members in principle to achieve the best support.
In addition, if a problem is discovered due to the customer's system or business characteristics, the sales and consulting team will provide support and proposals for building an appropriate system.

Data Scientist / Data Analyst

Data analysts perform data analysis and solve various business issues such as operational improvements based on the results. In recent years, data scientists are increasingly responsible for implementing models in systems through machine learning and deep learning.

IT Consultant

IT consultants range from corporate IT strategy planning to system review, new system introduction proposals, system optimization and operation verification. Main business is hearing, analysis, proposal and management.

Project Manager(PM) /
Project Management Office(PMO)

The project manager is responsible for managing the progress of the entire project and is responsible for the budget, quality, delivery time and deliverable quality. The task is to make a decision after looking at the entire project and make the project successful. PMO (Project Management Office) plays a central role in project management support and supports smooth project execution.

System Engineer(SE)

In system development, system engineers are mainly responsible for the upstream process from specification to design based on customer requirements. The system engineer's areas of responsibility include requirements analysis, requirement definition, basic design, detailed design, and testing. Depending on the company, sometimes it is also involved in management tasks such as budget, personnel, and progress management.


Programmers think about algorithms and perform programming based on systems designed by system engineers. There are also cases where the same work as SE is performed, and technically specialized development with higher difficulty is performed. Various languages are used such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C #, Objective-C, Go, Scala, Swift, Kotlin.

Front-end Engineer

Front-end engineers design and implement HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery based on the design. Also involved in UI / UX design programming and design. In recent years, there has been an increasing need for programmer-oriented technical skills such as React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.js.


Designers consider UI and use visual tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create visual designs and design sites to achieve usage and client objectives. In addition, coding skills are required such as HTML / CSS / JavaScript and knowledge of browser support.

Game Producer /
Director / Planner

The main task of the game producer is to oversee the entire project, including budgeting, staffing, and schedule management. In addition, the planner will make a plan that will be the basis of the game and create detailed specifications. The director is responsible for management at the production site. There are many cases where there are many different roles and roles depending on the company or project.

Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure engineer is a general term for network engineers and server engineers. The main tasks are network environment, server construction, hardware and software design, operation and maintenance. Depending on the company and project, the boundaries between network engineers and server engineers often change, but the three main tasks are design, construction, and operation.

About engineer language characteristics

Our engineers use various development languages. For example, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C #, C, C ++, Go, Scala, front-end development languages (React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js), application development languages (Objective-C, Java, Swift) , Kotlin), infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Linux, Win) and so on.
The CTO plays a central role in conducting study sessions and information dissemination so that opportunities to learn not only legacy languages but also new development languages can be created from an early stage.


“JoBeet”, a high-priced IT project / recruitment site for freelance engineers

A job search service for freelance engineers, designers, IT consultants, and project managers.
The service name joBeet has the meaning of JOB and MEET.
There are various definitions of “good work” for freelance engineers and designers. Some people value rewarding most, others value rewards most. We have abundant development projects to meet such diverse requests, and there is the service that enable you to search according to your wishes. That is "joBeet".

Commissioned Development

The current IT industry is changing rapidly. To respond to this, companies need to change their management issues and new business strategies. Our contracted development service provides a high-quality system at an appropriate cost, with the primary goal of solving customer problems.

The system development is based on the waterfall model. In addition, we can make proposals with development methods that meet customer needs, such as scrum-type development and laboratory-type development. In addition to development, we also offer proposals from upstream processes including planning.

Recruitment Support Service

The current IT industry is changing rapidly. To respond to this, companies need to change their management issues and new business strategies.
Our contracted development service provides a high-quality system at an appropriate cost, with the primary goal of solving customer problems.