Basic Policy for Eliminating Anti-social Forces

Fabeee, Inc. sufficiently recognizes the importance of blocking off relations with Anti-social Forces from social responsibility, compliance and company protection standpoints. We have established this basic policy to take initiatives towards eliminating Anti-social Forces and all of our employees strictly adhere to this.

  1. 1) Response as an organization
    We respond as an organization under the management team against Anti-social Forces and ensure safety of executives and staff dealing with Anti-social Forces.
  2. 2) Blocking off any relationship or transactions with Anti-social Forces
    We block off all relations including business transactions with Anti-social Forces.
  3. 3) Civil and criminal legal response in case of emergency
    We firmly decline unreasonable demands from Anti-social Forces and carry out legal action from both civil and criminal sides.
  4. 4) Prohibition of backdoor dealings and funding
    We do not carry out backdoor dealings and funding with Anti-social Forces.