Introduction of management members

Introduction of management members supporting Fabeee


Jun Sasaki

Dreamed of a professional soccer player since childhood, belonged to Yomiuri Japan Soccer Club Jr Youth (now Tokyo Verdy). After entering high school, participated in national tournaments and played soccer in student days. After that, became conscious of company management while in university in the influence of grandmother.

After graduating from university, decided to become a top salesman and was engaged in sales activities, taking advantage of being assigned to the sales department of a major real estate company in 2004. In the same year, became a top salesman in the new development division and won the MVP award.

In 2006, became the youngest consultant at a major human resource company, leveraging sales experience at a real estate company. And planned and participated in a number of projects. There, developed business to support many job change applicants and receive MVP in the group. After that, developed businesses that plans and launches staffing specialized for the web industry, and laid the foundation for the current business of Fabeee. Taking advantage of the business skills acquired there, and in 2010, founded Fabeee in his 20s. Appointed as CEO (current position).


Kazuomi Kushibiki

After graduating from university, he joined Will Group Inc, human resources services company, in 2006. Participated in the establishment of a staffing company specializing in sales positions and engaged in new development sales / career consultants. He was aware of the importance of job seekers to scale staffing services and turn to marketers. From then on, he will be responsible for attracting job seekers from the company.

Transferred to St. Media Co., Ltd., a group company in 2009. In the marketing department, he is engaged in planning and execution of customer attraction strategies in various job categories such as sales clerks / sales clerks / call clerks / carers / careers / childcare / disability workers / light work.Became a general manager of the department in 2012, and oversaw human resource recruitment marketing and creative across group companies.

He won the Grand Prix in the group's business contest in 2015. He has concurrently worked as a business manager to launch a 3D specialized matching type crowdsourcing service. He participated in Fotome Inc. October, 2018.


Yoshimasa Sugimori

While at Tokyo University of Science, he majored in astrophysics and acquired basic knowledge of machine learning such as linear algebra, statistical analysis and tensor calculation.Worked as an engineer of a system company from 2016.

Engaging in the development of various categories in a short time, such as administration system, SNS service, game development.

Joined Fabeee in 2017. As well as designing and developing IoT platforms using Python, we will lead platform development in machine learning and deep learning fields.
February 2018 Appointed as CTO of the company. After taking office, with the vision to aim for No. 1 share in the field of HR Tech, as an university-industry collaboration researcher at Hiroshima University, research and development of artificial intelligence and analysis algorithm to analyze biological data, new service using blockchain are actively developing.