The company logo is designed in the motif of the initial of Fabeee, "F".
The circle expresses “Trust”.
The streamlined and dynamic "F" expresses Fabeee's service concept
that provides a variety of cutting-edge services in a rapidly changing information society.

Origin of Company Name

Fab (Fabrication) + Bee (Bees) + Electronic
We Bring Happiness To All The People Involved In The Making Of Products.
To accomplish this mission, we decided to change the company name. We will transform into a company that aims for further leap and growth.Like the hexagonal structure that is said to be the strongest in the world,In order to create an organization that can respond to any changes in market conditions, bee was incorporated into the company name.
Also, Electronic means creating a new structure that has never existed before.
"Fabeee" meant to support customers with the challenge of new manufacturing and with all efforts.
The line between offline and online is no longer there, and manufacturing is about to change. We will fundamentally change the definition of manufacturing and support customers from various angles.

We have established a mission, vision, and value in order to fulfill the role of the organization, pursue the ideals, thoroughly enforce the rules that must be followed to realize them, and provide high value-added services.
Fabeee defines the mission as “What the organization wants to do”, the vision as “What the organization wants to be”, and the value as “the values shared by the organization”.


We Bring Happiness To All The People Involved In The Making Of Products

We want to make all the people involved in Fabeee happy, including consumers, customers, employees, business partners, and local communities.
We contribute to the development of society as a whole by providing universal value in any business or service.
Fabeee becomes a group that achieves sustainable corporate growth by taking this feeling into account.


Become a company with the largest share in the HR Tech area,
by helping to maximize the potential of people and technology

Up to now, the evolution of technology has dramatically improved our standard of living.
Among them, in recent years, people's work has been lost due to the development of robots and artificial intelligence.
Also, the labor market will change due to the declining labor force due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the expansion of acceptance of overseas human resources.
We will take a close look at this background and support you to create human resources that can cope with any era.
Even if technology evolves, humans will not disappear. We will continue to pursue human possibilities.


4 Values of Fabeee

We want to make people happy,
and we want to be happy too.
To that end, we have set forth four action guidelines.

Act with courage

We want to be a part of the growing future.The environment surrounding us is changing every day at an accelerating rate. We always accept an unpredictable future and sometimes act with courage without fear of changing ourselves.

Support each other

We want to be people who support people, and we want to be groups where people support each other. There are only a few things that can be achieved by individuals, and the possibilities that can be achieved by groups are immeasurable. We will move forward with the power of solidarity while using our ideas and opinions as support, and supplementing each other.

Respond quickly

We want to share important things and make important things. Time is finite and it is never much. We regard all human time involved in our property as property, and face it with speed and sincerity.

Produce results

We are a group that makes things and events. Make as many shapes as possible to match the happiness that exists in the number of people. Realize the solution with ideals and creativity, and promise the results with the determination to make people happier.