In the world situation where rapid globalization is progressing and changing rapidly every day, the declining birthrate and aging population are accelerating in Japan, and improving productivity is a major issue.

At present, we believe that Japanese companies are at a major crossroads.
As there are survey results that are the lowest in the G7 in labor productivity, in the world market capitalization ranking, where Japanese companies once occupied the top, everything except Toyota was replaced, and the top was the IT companies in the United States and China Occupied. In the development competition in the information and communication field, China and India have been greatly separated.

There are various factors, such as the subcontract structure prevalent in the current IT industry, communication aspects, and slow decision making. In this way, there are a lot of issues to be solved compared to global companies based overseas.

In order to solve these problems, Fabeee is committed to the growth of competitive products while always accompanying customers, and always providing high-value-added services.

We must respond to the diversification of customer needs.
We will work with sincerity to continue being company loved by everyone and be said “It was great to choose Fabeee”.

Fabeee Inc.
CEO Jun Sasaki