The most important thing since our founding is to make the best of the potential
of people and technology, and to make all people involved in manufacturing happy.
Being a corporate group that grows as a result.
That is our concept and identity.

Aiming to be the No. 1 company in the HR Tech

Our business mission is to support the growth of companies and products that will be the unicorns of the times.
Up to now, the evolution of technology has dramatically improved our standard of living. In addition, with the development of robots and artificial intelligence, and changes in the times, various changes are required, including the concept of working styles so far. We will take a close look at this background and support you to create human resources that can cope with any era.

We Bring Happiness To All The People Involved In The Making Of Products.

Fabeee defines the mission as “What the organization wants to do”, the vision as “What the organization wants to be”, and the value as “the values shared by the organization”.
We are working together as a team to play a role for the organization, pursue the vision we want to achieve, thoroughly follow the rules that must be followed to realize it, and provide high value-added services.

Introduction of management members