We Bring Happiness
To All The People
Involved In The Making Of Products.

We support the growth of companies, people and services in the background.
We will be the best team and working companion
to make all people involved in the making of products happy through work.

Our Service

Fabeee has supported many clients in the field of system integration.
As the market changes rapidly, we will leverage our know-how to provide
higher value-added services and solve problems.

Research and Development of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

For the purpose of solving social issues, we are developing and using artificial intelligence using Python, and implementing it in IoT products.
In 2018, we started an industry-university joint project with Hiroshima University. In addition, we provide technical support and develop in-house products to AI venture companies and listed companies that attract large attention from around the world.
In addition, we carry out various initiatives such as blockchain utilization, business implementation, and enlightenment activities on a product basis.

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IT Talent Management

In the IT Talent Management Division, all specialists are stationed at customers to support development and design.
We have countless achievements such as BtoB web system development, smartphone application development, BtoC service, artificial intelligence development project, IOT service development.

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Commissioned Development

Our contracted development service provides a high-quality system at an appropriate cost, with the primary goal of solving customer problems.

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“joBeet”, a high-priced IT project / recruitment site for freelance engineers, is a platform service that helps freelance engineers and designers meet the best “good work”.
Some people work for rewards, others work for rewards. In order to meet such diverse demands, we have a wide range of development projects and can be searched according to your request.

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Recruitment Support Service

Our group company Ageit plays a central role in making proposals for recruiting, establishing efficient recruitment methods, recruiting support, and consulting services.

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Work and play with full power!
Don't forget to enjoy everything. That is Fabeee.
We look forward to your personality as your strength and your challenge and success with us.
We are looking for people who can create common sense for the future with AI as a keyword.